Aerial video


Our original aerial footage will captivate your audience. We will provide your marketing with the most essential – the right amount of adrenaline and emotins that make a difference and sell. With our aerial footage, it will be easy for you to attract new interested parties, arouse emotions in customers and make them your fans. With our UAVs, you can easily and reliably monitor high-rise buildings, or other objects where no climber let alone a photographer or a moviemaker could get.

We cooperate with a number of moviemakers who thanks to the possibilities of our technology fill in the shortcomings of cranes and so on. Our machines can reach almost any kind of terrain and get airborne within a few moments.

The camera is mounted on a stabilized triaxial holder. Thanks to this device, the footage is smooth and reaches the highest quality possible. Apart from the live view feature, the cameraperson who controls the mount of the camera has also the possibility to rotate it in all three directions regardless of the course of the machine or in which direction the machine is flown.


Aerial video gallery of our footage


Natácení leteckých záběrů v Jesenické krajině plné vodopádů :)

Natáčení leteckých záběrů do projektu, který připravuje MĚSTO ŠTERNBERK.

BIKE&WATER 2016 Tady jsme opravdu nemohli chybet :) !

Ukázka leteckých prací, podzimní LONGBOARD!

Výběr záběrů které jsme pořizovali pro SKI AREAL HERLIKOVICE.

Super slow motion od DRON Kamera!


General information on aerial footage by MORAVA GRAPHIC s.r.o production.


    •    We shoot in 4k at 24 fps
    •    The real-time view feature enables us to choose the best video composition possible
    •    The cameraperson can move the camera in all three axes independently of the course of the machine.
    •    GPS tracking feature available
    •    The machine is equipped with an emergency parachute – we think of safety of the people involved.